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Greens > Head Greens > Radicchio

    • Lusia, or Radicchio di Lucia
      • Heirloom radicchio
      • Incredibly delicious, mild flavor and delectably crisp texture. the overlapping cream-colored leaves are speckled liberally with crimson, becoming more pale towards the sweet centers of the tightly packed heads
    • Castelfranco
      • Heirloom Italian variety used like lettuce to make beautiful and tasty salads, and sometimes cooked
      • Round heads with butter-yellow leaves dotted with spots and veins varying in color from burgundy-red to pale-violet. Individual heads are rose or flower-shaped, with the leaves folding over each other
    • Chiogga
      • Round with dark red to purple leaves with small white veins
      • Radicchio can be used raw in salads, as an ingredient in a variety of cooked dishes such as pasta or pizza and it is especially well suited for grilling
      • You can control the intensity of its flavor by soaking the leaves before you use them
    • Treviso
      • Smooth red leaves with juicy white ribbing are bitter with just a hint of spice, holding its own as the base for a classic italian salad, or mixed with lettuce and frisee as part of a mix; OR we suggest slicing a head in half, marinating briefly in olive oil and balsamic, and then tossing on the grill next to your favorite steak for an awesome chicory experience.