Turnip, long purple

1.0 lb
Long Purple Turnip: Long Purple Turnip (lb)

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  • Variety: Hinona Kubu
  • Boast a mild spicy and sweet flavor; a mix of turnip with a hint of radish
  • Roots shine raw or roasted
  • Stores very well in fridge when tops are removed
  • Hinona Kabu turnips are botanically classified as Brassica rapa var. rapifera, and can also be found under the name ‘Turnip of the Sun’ or Long turnip
  • The Japanese Hinona Kabu turnips are popularly used for making sakurazuke, or ‘cherry blossom’ pickle, named for the color naturally produced once they are pickled
  • In Japan, Hinona Kabu turnips are known as simply Kabu, in Chinese as Wujing, or Manjing and in Cantonese as Mo ching.