CSA Membership Balance

$95.00 $100.00


  • First access to produce
    • Certified Naturally Grown produce, grown year-round at the farm in Bantam, CT
  • Buy Balance at a discount (see chart below)
  • Additional products & pickup options
    • On-Farm Pickups, exclusive to Members, are Tuesday & Friday afternoons
  • Balance & Membership perks never expire
    • Once a Member, always a Member
  • Use Balance in-person or online

How It Works

  • Purchase Balance at preferred membership level
  • Balance available upon email receipt of card number (within 12 hours of purchase); physical card given at first pickup or let us know if you'd like it to be mailed to you
  • Create account for online purchases. This account will gain access to CSA Member products and pickup options
  • Use your Balance in-person or online at your own pace! Here's where you can find us
  • When you purchase more Balance, it comes to you in the form of another card

By purchasing member balance, you agree to our Policies