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updated: 11/25/20
written by: Meghan 

We knew from the beginning that the farm name itself would be an important decision, and frankly we dreaded the process. We wanted our name to exemplify the mission and qualitative aspects of the farm. We needed the name to be simple yet revealing and represent the mission of the farm. It would also be wrong to appropriate cultural or local identifiers in a region we are newcomers to.


We finally cracked the code on a potential farm name on a car ride back to Litchfield from a visit to Curtis’ family in the Adirondacks. Curtis had been tossing around ideas about the qualitative aspects that make really great food, really great. Vitality was an intriguing idea, but vibrancy felt even closer to what we envisioned. 

I don't recall who first put it together with Farm, but upon uttering Vibrant Farm, we both exploded. We childishly joked that we should "sit on it", but still we giggled and bubbled with excitement that we were at least really close! Each mile we drove, we played with the idea, chanted it, and identified all the things that Vibrant meant to us and embodied. 

“Vibrant represents everything we want in our farm business: vibrant quality, vibrant conversations, vibrant health.”

As you’ll read in "Lets get caught up...", we spent the summer of 2020 developing a farm model that meets the needs of customers today (and beyond!) with a convenient shopping experience and that serves its local community with wholesome, mindfully grown farm goods. 


Join us on our Vibrant journey!

On Thanksgiving, 2020, we opened our digital doors for CSA Member Balance. As soon as we move onto the property in January, we will fire up the greenhouses and begin microgreen production in the indoor micro nursery. We will start off with an offering of microgreens, herbs, cut greens, and roots available for online ordering and pickup at the Litchfield Farm Fresh Market and pickup on-farm this winter. 

Dill microgreens

Not from Litchfield County, but want to support our start-up? We are accepting start-up donations to seed our future. 

We are sincerely excited to get started with the Vibrant journey with you all. Thank you for being here! 


Your Farmers,
Meghan & Curtis

Meghan and Curtis are the creators and owners of Vibrant Farm.
Learn more about Curtis and Meghan
Learn more about how we got here in: Lets get caught up...

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