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How to: Use Your CSA Card Online

How to: Use Your CSA Card Online

Looking to make a purchase with your CSA card on our website?
Here's a start-to-finish checklist to ensure you don't miss anything!


Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Add products to your cart. When finished, proceed to review your cart.

Step 3: Select your desired Pickup Location and Date. Click Checkout.

Step 4: If needed, type your name into the First and Last Name fields under the "Pickup Location Information". The autofilled information in that section tells us when and where you will be picking up.

Step 5: In the top right, enter CSA Card Number. Find your card number on the back of your card, or in the email you received when it was originally issued. Click Apply, scroll down, click continue.

Step 6: Verify info, scroll down. Click Pay Now. 

Step 7: Receive Confirmation Email.


Pickup your order at your designated pickup location and time. 
Thank you!


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