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Vibrant Farm is Hiring! Spring 2021 Positons

You heard it right... Vibrant Farm is currently hiring for the 2021 season! While we will have more positions opening in the rapidly approaching summer months, we currently have 2 positions open beginning now in the spring of 2021. 

Job Titles:

Farm Hand, part time. 2 Positions available
  • 1 opener

  • 1 harvest, wash, pack

Job Summary:

Opener: assist in opening up greenhouse and performing morning chores including watering, seeding, nutrient management, other production-oriented tasks. Part time, mornings, flexible days, semi-flexible hours


Harvest, Wash, Pack: Assist in the harvest, washing and packing processes of field crops and microgreens for our various markets and customers. Part time with opportunities for more hours. Flexible days & hours - ideally one day Mon or Tues, and one or two days Wed-Fri to start. 

Qualifications & Skills:

  • Punctual, considerate, enthusiastic, positive, consistent, mindful

  • Preferred experience / connection with natural world, work with hands & mind

Pay & Benefits:

  • $15-$20/hr based on experience and/or productivity 

  • Share in Farmer Gleanings

  • Participate in a team dedicated to craft farming and our community

  • Catered experience with support based on your needs and goals


Please fill out this form and contact with your resume. 

Thank you!

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